How Can You Clean and Maintain Your Roof?

A soft wash roof cleaning takes care of an integral part of building exterior upkeep. Neglecting cleaning a roof can lead to expensive repairs as serious as replacing the roof sooner than you would’ve needed to if you had maintained it. At Lil Squirt Soft Wash, we provide an all-around safer alternative to the damage risk involved in traditional high-pressure water cleaning. High-pressure washing risks damaging the roof and can have unwanted side effects like voiding your shingle warranty.

Is it Safe?

Unfortunately, doing any work on a roof can be dangerous and is an all too common cause of Emergency Room visits. Lil Squirt Soft Wash makes your safety a top priority. Our technicians receive proper, extensive training for working safely on roofs. Additionally, roof cleaning can carry safety risks beyond falling and other physical hazards. To protect you from cleaning-related health risks, we only use Biodegradable, pet-friendly, eco-friendly chemicals in our cleaning process. These chemicals remove contaminants that water and soap alone aren’t enough to clean. The cleaning chemicals also provide protection from algae, moss, and mildew. You can have a beautifully clean roof without risking the well-being of those who live and work underneath.

Keeping Up Appearances

Soft Wash does more than just clean and protects your roof: it also gives your roof a rejuvenated look. Dirt and debris gradually accumulate over the years, which makes it very difficult for someone to tell when a roof has lost its bright shine. Lil Squirt Soft Wash will restore your roof to a more youthful appearance. If you live in an area where a dirty or non-maintained roof can lead to an HOA fine, going with Soft Wash will help you avoid those annoyances. Additionally, the environmentally-friendly cleaning chemicals we use work to protect your roof from future staining. Not only will your roof look cleaner, but it’ll also stay looking cleaner. However, that protection doesn’t last forever: we recommend making Soft Wash a part of your routine maintenance every three to five years to keep your roof in tip-top shape.

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