Pressure Washing Services in Franklin, Tennessee

What are your options for cleaning?

When your residence gets dingy and you want to spruce it up and give it an economical facelift, you’ll want to call Lil Squirt Wash.  If you’re in the Franklin  area, Lil Squirt Soft Wash can make any surface look good safely, efficiently, and quickly. 

  • Pressure-Washing: Utilizes a commercial pressure washing machine with a variety of nozzles and a force that can range from 1300 pounds per square inch (PSI) to 4,000 PSI. Areas typically that can handle this are concrete driveways.
  • Soft Washing: This system uses low-pressure nozzles and adds chemicals that assist in the process and lower the force used, lessening the potential for harm to more fragile or damaged surfaces. Using biodegradable chemicals will ensure no damage is done to textures or nearby foliage. The areas best suited for soft washing include roofs, brick, paver, stucco, tile cedar shake, vinyl, wood panels, and decks. 
  • Power Washing: Similar to pressure washing, it just uses heated water.

Lil Squirt Wash uses soft washing as it is far gentler, making it practical for more fragile surfaces, such as shingles and stucco, and more durable materials, like concrete and stone. We rely on special low-pressure nozzles at the tip of a pressure-washing gun or wand to accurately position the stream of water where it’s needed.

When we need to use a cleaning solution to remove organic elements, such as algae and mold, we make sure that it is eco-friendly and biodegradable. Our formula eliminates stains without damaging materials underneath and is not harmful to plants.

We finish fast

Even if we do all the exterior parts of your home, it shouldn’t take more than a day. So, take the family out for the day, and say goodbye to drab, and hello to a happy, refreshed home when you return.

We make any part of your home in Franklin, Tennessee look better

Here are just some of the parts of your home that we can work with:

  • rooftops and soffits
  • driveways and garage floors
  • doors, windows, and garage doors
  • walls
  • balconies
  • walkways and steps
  • gutters

Find Out More

Contact Lil’ Squirt Soft Wash to find out how we can add luster to your residence with a free quote. Call 1-855-615-6155!