Window Washing Services

Why choose our window cleaning service?

Dirty and dingy windows make your home look unattractive from the outside. They block sunlight from entering the interior, making rooms darker and obscuring the outside view. Despite these disadvantages, you don’t clean windows because the process takes too much time and effort and requires specialized tools. And if you have a multi-story house, cleaning the glass in the upper stories can prove dangerous.

Lil’ Squirt Soft Wash takes care of your windows to make them look new again. We can do our cleaning once but prefer to come regularly, so you never have to worry about dirty glass again. We can customize our repeat programs based on your needs with pricing that also varies according to frequency.

How does this service work?

To get the job done properly, we rely on a soft wash process, which is far faster than hand washing but gentler on your property than power washing. Our technique protects your home from the dangers of high-pressure washing, which can produce cracks and future water damage.

At the end of the wash, we use professional-grade equipment to squeegee the glass and remove most of the water. We then wipe edges, sills, and siding dry, leaving nothing but a brighter home outlook. Depending on the size of your house, we can generally complete the process in less than a day.

Our employees are all prescreened, bonded, and fully insured. Our vehicles are wrapped with colorful company advertising for easy identification. We’ll even show you our license if you request it. We use only biodegradable cleaning solutions that are eco-friendly and safe for you and your children, pets, and plants.

You don’t have to do anything to prepare your windows. However, we do ask that you let us know ahead of time of any sensitive areas via email, preferably with pictures. We then know what to expect and can take extra precautions around those areas.

How can you be sure about the service?

We offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. You’ll be impressed by our 5-star overall rating on Google, which we earn by treating each customer fairly and courteously. Give us a call today for your free no-obligation quote. You may be surprised at how affordable and effective our service is on your home and budget.

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